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Our Services

Electronics & Control Systems

Complete systems design encompassing analog & digital electronics and software using leading edge technologies. We have established a network of partners which allows us to provide innovative solutions in an increasingly competitive and globalized environment.

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Embedded Software

High quality embedded software is ‘invisible’, working so well that it goes unnoticed. Our goal is to provide smart and efficient device-level software to help established manufacturing companies, startup companies, and R&D facilities address software challenges of the connected world.

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User Interfaces (GUI)

The main aim and function of a User Interface is to help provide an easy and effective control and operation of the system from the user's end, as well as provide fast and accurate feedback from the system aiding the operator to make the best operational decisions.

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Turnkey Solutions

By utilizing our turnkey manufacturing services, you’ll find time for faster innovation, cost saving manufacturing materials management and manufacturing solutions, and reduced time to market for your products. We offer turnkey services from concept to final solutions.

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Development Consultancy

Depending on your needs, here at Endavel we can offer a range of services from initial feasibility studies and due diligence, through design of components, sub assemblies, PCBs and whole systems, or complete turnkey, multidisciplinary development.

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Product Development

Endavel's electronic product design, development, and prototyping service will enable you to transform your product idea from initial concept to production-ready design. Whatever stage your project is at, our in-house team of engineers and designers can really add value.

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Recent Projects

High voltage (KV) monitor and measurement system using microcontroller and software based signal integration algorithm plus a GSM interface for system control.

High Quality Service

Capabilities developed by an engineering team with decades of experience in the electronics and semiconductor industries. Best-in-class design services while adhering to the most rigorous quality control standards

Customer Focussed

Our policy is to provide total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. Our quality management system is driven by commitment to exceed customer demands


The Endavel engineering team has many years experience in the consumer electronics and semiconductor industry across Europe and the US with companies such as Xilinx, CPM and Global Foundries

Preferred Vendors

Ananlog Devices
Linear Technologies

Texas Instruments